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Brian and Julie Benton met on June 1, 1986. They were married on July 25, 1987. Anyone who is quick

with a math problem can tell you that the elapsed time from meeting to marriage was not long. But, as

both of them will tell you, when it’s right, it’s right. They both truly believe that God put them together

at the right time and place for the purpose of building a life together. And that’s exactly what they have



The Benton’s are parents to three adult children, who are all happily married, and three grand dogs.

They were very involved with their children in many various activities as they grew up which included

sports, music, school and yes, church. While living in Hickory, NC, Brian and Julie served as Sunday

School teachers in the youth department of their church. Then, when their kids were grown and off at

school, the opportunity presented itself for them to lead the young married couple’s class. They

gratefully accepted and began a ministry that quickly became a passion for both of them. In short, that

passion can be described as an intense desire to help disciple younger generations into more spiritually

mature believers, equipped to meet the challenges and scrutiny that their faith will most definitely

endure. That is a mission that they continue to this day.


Brian and Julie moved to Sunset Beach in May of 2020. Finding a church home in the middle of a

pandemic was a challenge to say the least. However, after visiting a few churches, they found a home at

River of Life Baptist. When asked why here at ROLBC, their answer is simple. You can feel the warmth

of the love Christ when you walk in the door. In short, Christ is here.

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