Disaster Relief

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Brunswick Christian Recovery Center



Friday Night basketball

Basketball Ministry, held on Fridays at 6pm, welcomes anyone who wants to join in a time of fellowship and sports. Food is served halfway through along with a devotional.


We also host the men form BCRC (Brunswick Christian Recovery Center) each Friday, learn more about their time at ROLBC:


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Disaster Relief

We are a part of the NC Baptist Disaster Relief and are prepared, God willing, to go and aid areas harmed by disaster and by doing so spread/share the love of Christ.

Brunswick Christan Recovery

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is a non-profit, faith-based ministry serving those suffering from active addiction. We are not a traditional short-term rehabilitation facility. We offer an extended program of directed activities that extends from remedial or supplemental education of the individual all the way to daily application of newly learned skills.

This is a proven program of recovery that absolutely works for anyone willing to adopt it. The residents not only study the spiritual principles that foster sobriety, but with the help of a 12-step program, they begin to build a bright new future by working to erase the wreckage of their past.

Men's Prayer Group

Men are welcome to join on Friday mornings for our Men's Prayer Breakfast (LAMP) starting at 7am. This is a time of fellowship among all the men of the church who are able to join. During our meetings we discuss prayer concerns and then pray as a collective group. This time of worship is followed by breakfast. Prayer and Breakfast will end at 8am for any that need to leave, those who are able to stay after can help prepare the church for Sunday morning by doing some light cleaning. Cleaning wraps up at 9am.


Tornado 2-15-21