Sermon 11.21 ( Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

Isaiah 42:1-10

the Bible

Join us in reading through the Bible in a year! Find the link below to the Bible Study plan.

Easter series

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Luke 22 

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April 8 - Randall Morrison
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john 13

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April 9 - Randall Morrison
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psalm 22

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April 10 - Randall Morrison
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How Faulty Followers fail the Family of FaithWillis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

2 Samuel 3:1-16; 24:1-4; 10; 15

The View from AboveWillis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

The View from Above, How we KNOW what we SHOW...1 PETER 1:8-12

Bold Brite and BraveWillis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

The Church, Gifted to be: Bold, Brite, and Brave. Romans 5:12-17

Being Part of the Fruitful FamilyWillis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

Being Part of the Fruitful Family of Faith, Romans 1:8-15

The Emmaus RoadWillis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

Walking, and Talking, on Life's Emmaus Roads. 

Tested in the WildernessRandall Morrison
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"Tested in the Wilderness"

Three Test: Abraham, Isaiah, and Jesus are the only three people in the Bible to have fasted for 40 days. Learn about the three test Jesus faced.

September 5, 2021Willis Herman
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Pastor Willis Herman

September 5, Pastor Willis Herman will be filling in for Pastor Randall Morrison for the next two weeks.

Help my UnbeliefRandall Morrison
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"Help my Unbelief"

Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Gideon, Thomas- what do they all have in common? Doubt. Pastor Randall covers the issue of doubt and why it arrises in our walk with Christ. 

Mr LloydLloyd Moore
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"Thirsting After God"

Our guest pastor, Lloyd Moore preaches from Psalm 42:1-2.